Saturday, 10 March 2012

Cash in on Kindle Publishing

by Scott McElaney

A nicely written, but VERY short non-fiction book (26 pages and that’s including the long intro and “thank you for buying” at the end). 

I couldn’t work out if Scott McElhaney wrote it just to brag about his earnings or because he wanted to help other writers. He’s very upbeat and practically promises authors will sell their ebooks and make lots of money – not true (not straight away anyway).

For very new authors this little book may be helpful - it is certainly positive. It leads you to the correct places to show you how to upload an ebook. He also encourages authors getting other authors, friends and family to tag their books, and I know that a LOT of people (me included) think this is unethical, so I didn’t agree with him here.

It's short, but it's upbeat, and sometimes that's what you need to become a writer.

Blurb: Going through a self-publishing company (even a digital publishing company) will cost the author anywhere from $300 - $3000 up front. In almost every case, the author never makes up for these fees in the royalties they receive afterward. Amazon's Kindle publishing charges nothing except for a portion of the royalties.

After his many experiences with self-publishers (including to the extreme that he even won the nationwide Christian Choice Book Award in 2008 for one of his self-published novels) Scott McElhaney gave up on other forms of publishing and decided to focus his efforts on Amazon Kindle publishing. Not only did he give up on other forms of publishing, but he chose to inform others on the secrets of getting their books into the Amazon forefront and making some money. And best of all, this book is not supported or authorized or paid for by 

Scott McElhaney, bestselling author of Talking to the Moon, Mommy's Choice, Daylight in Blossom, and Saving Brooksie now shares his secrets in this short but informative book.