Monday, 10 June 2013

Ricky LaVaughn


When Roses Cry

I thought the title of this book was excellent. It was romantic and kind of poetic, I felt. But then I realised it wasn't a romance at all (it's a thriller) but that only piqued my interest more. 

I couldn't quite make out the strange image above the rose on the cover. I thought it was a lock--but then my eyesight isn't what it used to be, it turns out it's a pair of eyes. Anyway, the cover is basic, and with hindsight a good choice for a thriller.The blurb excited me I must admit. I love multi personalty stories, and I can still remember reading Sybil by Flora Schreiber for the first time so this has a lot to live up to (yes, before anyone writes in, I do know the Sybil story was found out to be fake).

The blurb is powerful. It's no-nonsense (like the cover) and I like that. It's not dressed up with 'You'll love this book if you loved Blah-de-Blah. So far so good. The look inside... OMG!  I tried I really did. I SO wanted to enjoy this book. The opening sentence was a good hook, but that's where my interest ended. There was description after description. Nothing was left out. From hair, to eyes, to the colour and type of clothes the characters wore. I didn't think the author understood that the quote 'paint a picture with words' wasn't meant to be taken so literally. And it wasn't just the opening chapter, it was the entire sample.

Grammar and spelling wise the book was fine (I only spotted one error), but with so much over-writing this book has failed, I'm afraid. It's such a shame because I really wanted to like this one.

The book also had the POV all over the place, and by the end of the sample the character, June, wasn't the only one who thought she was hearing voices!

After years of abuse, Juniper Hawthorne's mind dealt with the pain the best way it knew how--by becoming a hive of different personalities. She has overcome the trials of living on the streets, fighting in underground battles, and escaping from a demented cult. Now she handles the trials of an abusive ex-boyfriend, a psychotic past enemy, an overpowering boss, and even the divisions within herself. June must face her past and make the most powerful decision of her life. Will she execute her father, the man she believed she killed once already or give in to the new love of her life who is on a mission to stop her no matter the cost. 

When Roses Cry is a psychological thriller that explores Juniper's chaotic life and unearth the overwhelming truth of just who is the mysterious and vengeful Raven Dalk.