Friday, 24 February 2012

Through The Soul's Window by Gary W Anderson

Through The Soul's Window by Gary W Anderson (link

Genre: Compilation of short stories.
This striking looking novel was a collection of twelve short stories about people driven by their emotions. But it left me with a lot of unanswered questions: why did they feel they way they did; why the bitterness, why the pain? There was no characterisation, no whys as to why the characters acted how they did - driven by emotion according to the blurb.

All I saw, or rather read, was a collection of depressed, damaged people living life in the gutter. I couldn't connect with any of the characters at all. Maybe it was me. Maybe I didn't "get" the book? I didn't like it, and I failed to read all of the stories.

The twelve stories were told, so much so that had the author been speaking aloud the tone would be in monologue. Some of the endings had a twist, although they were so subtle they were easily missed. My favourite story by far was The Forgotten Letter. The ending was a surprise with an "Oh!" moment, but again I couldn't connect with the character in the story.

I think also that this author published without editorial guidance, although some parts of the novel was wonderfully written with little gems of literacy, but unfortunately those little gems were too infrequent.

Blurb - Through the Soul's Window (link Amazon UK)

Emotions define us, for better or worse. Emotions more times than not dictate how we proceed through our lives. Whether our actions are motivated by guilt or passion or doubt or any number of other emotions, many of us walk around every day with said emotions written across our face viewable by all except ourselves.

Through The Soul's Window is a collection of 12 short stories dealing with people whose actions are driven by their emotions and how they react to them. Some react well, others do not. Some end happily, others do not.

Whether we like to admit it or not, we all tend to be driven by emotions, try as we might to avoid it.