Monday, 29 October 2012


Brea Brown


Libby Foster is a bit of a daydreamer, as the title of the book suggests. She prefers to lose herself to her mind than rather deal with real life, because real life hasn't been kind to her so far - or that's the message I got, anyway. She isn't moody or self-pitying though, although she is a little sharp-tongued with her peers, which has some brilliant one-liners!

The love interest of the Libby is an English man called Jude Weatherington, and who Libby begins to fantasise about immediately, because in reality Jude isn't all that... or is he?

It was interesting to unlock Libby's secrets to see why she prefers the daydreams to truth, and why she is so mistrusting of happiness.

I loved that Jude Weatherington was such a `real' Englishman without being royal-family-posh as a lot of American authors seem to portray most English people. The little nuances and slang brought him alive for me, and I absolutely believed in his character.

I shall read more of Brea Brown.

Libby Foster prefers her fantasy life to her real life... until she starts to get the two confused, thanks to the new enigmatic architect at her workplace. While she tries to figure out the difference between fact and fiction of her own making, she discovers there's a whole real world out there waiting for her to live it.