Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Murder Me

John Meany

I bought this book on the prowess of its powerful blurb. I thought I was buying a thriller/romance, and that Ashley’s horrific kidnapping would linger more than the first few chapters. It didn’t. The essence of the book began and ended almost straight away, and the rest of the book focused on Ashley coping with the aftermath of her rape.

I wasn't sure what genre I was reading, neither did I think the author knew, hence the 'romance novel' in brackets after the title on Amazon. It started out like a thriller, then I had a notion it may be a paranormal when main character, Ashley, started seeing ghosts. But then it went back to 'romance', and I use that word loosely!

We all know rape is a disgusting crime, and wouldn’t want to know all the details in a romance, but I wasn’t sure if Ashley had been raped. The scene changed to the attacker buckling his belt, all well and fine, but ALL the main scenes were cut or glossed over.

This was the romance scene: (main character had just thrown herself at the hero of the story, Troy.) Then it cuts to:

“I want you so bad too.”
“Oooh. Oooohhh. Uuuhhh!!!!!”
Smooch! Smooch!
Excited breathing.
Groping hands.
The bed being ravaged.
Champagne spilled.
The mattress bouncing up and down.

I kid you not!

The author also had the POV of EVERY character, which weakened the foundations of the story. It was very childishly written. There were lots of things that didn’t ring true, especially the amount of prescription drugs Ashley was able to get hold of/take. Just what type of doctor would leave morphine laying around in his bathroom? Sheesh!

I didn't like this at all.

Pregnant artist Ashley Ferguson thinks it is another ordinary night leaving her part-time job at the BVX pharmacy. It is not. 

Two drunk, evil strangers abduct the twenty-three year old, on the way to her car. One of them slugs Ashley in the face, hard, which renders her unconscious, the other snatches her designer handbag. 

The unknown assailants then carry Ashley to the dark field behind the shopping center. When she regains consciousness, Ashley finds herself in a terrifying life or death struggle. 

“My baby!” she pleads. “Please. This will be my first child. If something were to happen-”
“Are you deaf?” one of her attackers snaps. “We told you we don’t want to hear about your kid. If you’re looking for sympathy you’re not gonna get it. So hush!”