Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Why is it so hard to get a book review?

Because your book sample is so crap that no one wants to  continue to read it.

Harsh? Maybe. More than likely. And probably not true. It's maybe because, after reading the blurb, it's just not to someone's taste. But since starting this review blog I am getting a lot of requests, but like most, I'm particular with my time. If it doesn't appeal to me I won't read it--even if it's free.

All the blog posts that claim Win a copy of my book! Download my FREE book! must be getting loads of reviews, right? Er, no. Free book fatigue has hit a lot of people and unless it's something they want to read it'll stay unread--and undownloaded.

My new "review service" will replace my current the good, the bad and the ugly reviews of Louise Wise. The name won't change, but as from 2013 my policy will have changed.
  • will sample most Kindle books.
  • do not want to read poetry, *non-fiction, misery lit, biographies film scripts or erotica.
  • I only want to read books in *book form or as a free Kindle download.
If I like your book, all well and good, I will ask for a free download/Amazon token to read and review your book. Hey, I may even BUY it if it hits my WOW factor! If I DON'T like your book I'll tell you why in the review of the sample (this 'sample' review will ONLY be posted here).

Why am I doing this? Well, I turn a lot of books down because the sample doesn't grab me enough: weak story, poor writing, no oomph and I'm sure authors would love to know why their books aren't bought after the sample is read--I know I would!

If I do commit to reviewing your entire book I will personally read it and submit an honest review to Amazon.UK ( I can also use Goodreads, and Smashwords if preferred) and to the good, the bad and the ugly reviews of Louise Wise.

Sample reads will be posted here only. 

If you have read all of the above and would like to submit your review request to me, please contact me via the contact button top left of the screen with a link to your book (where I can download a sample. If the sample length is inadequate I may ask for a free download/Amazon token) and I'll let you know if I want to continue to read it, or whether I will review on the basis of the sample.

Please put "review" in the subject heading.

* I will sample a select few of non-fiction if the subject matter is relevant to me. *If you send return postage I will post the book back, if not I will donate it to my local library.