Friday, 26 April 2013

Jonathan Hill


Maureen goes to Venice

I love the cover of this book. I found it appealing and the artwork is just superb. I was disappointed with the blurb. I felt I was bombarded with an in-your-face-advertisement, but I'm promised 'laughs' from this short novel and judging by the reviews I don't think I'll be disappointed. 

The 'look inside' feature hooked me straight away and told me about the character whose journey I was going to share in 53 pages. It was funny, visual and I LIKED Maureen from the start (glad she's fictional, mind!).

The book is a multi-POV which was a little distracting at times, but it was a clean read. Maureen is a wonderful character whose heart is in the right place. She's bossy, clumsy and loud. The story took off at a good pace and carried on in a fun and light-hearted way, which I was enjoying. But then something happened, and it'd spoil the story if I said what, so that's just say it took a sinister turn, which didn't bode well with the 'fun' theme. Hill tried to pull it back, but didn't quite succeed in my opinion. Other's mightn't agree with me (I'm a sensitive soul), but it marred the book a little.

Apart from that, Maureen Goes to Venice has genuine laugh-out-loud and oh-my-god moments, and it shows that Jonathan Hill has a good grasp of people's psyche. The ending was in keeping with the fun theme and Maureen had her revenge if unintended. I found the creation of Maureen to be a charming and eccentric character, and refreshing from the either ditzy twenty-somethings women to the older male ‘loveable rogues’ that are often the focus in comedy fiction.

I feel there's more to Maureen and I want to get to know her better. I shall be reading more of her adventures and have the next book on my Kindle: A Letter for Maureen.


Voted one of the Top 3 Best Short Stories in The Best Indie Books of 2012 Awards.

If Maureen were real, I would advise you to avoid her like the plague. She somehow attracts disaster and farce in equal measure wherever she goes.

As she is fictional though, it should be safe enough for you to encounter her from behind your Kindle. 

Maureen had a disastrous trip to a modern art exhibition in ECLECTIC: Ten Very Different Tales. Well, now she's back in her own feature-length adventure!

The book will give you plenty of laughs and a taste of Italy, so join hapless Maureen on her Venetian break and just be glad you're not there with her! 

A comic story of ~13,500 words.

Selected as a RECOMMENDED READ on the Goodreads UK Amazon Kindle Forum.

FIVE STARS:  "Jonathan Hill, you've created a monster! She's atrocious and I want to read more!" (Amazon reviewer)
FIVE STARS:  "Enjoyable...funny...the character Maureen I just loved." (Amazon reviewer)
FIVE STARS:  "Fabulous!" (Amazon reviewer)
FOUR STARS:  "Maureen is a fantastic character." (Amazon reviewer)
FIVE STARS:  "A super little book, well-written and a great character in Maureen." (Goodreads reviewer)
FOUR STARS:  "This is not only a very amusing story, it also properly establishes Maureen as one of those fictional characters who you feel could carry an entire series." (Amazon reviewer)
FIVE STARS:  "I wish I knew someone like her in real life" (Amazon reviewer)
FOUR STARS:  "Kept me turning the page" (Amazon reviewer)
FIVE STARS:  "A very funny tour around Venice with Maureen." (Amazon reviewer)