Saturday, 4 May 2013

Chick lit by Rhonda Louise

Wombat Sushi

A lovely vibrant cover. This book looked a lot of fun. The cover and title didn't tell me much: two women, wombats, sushi -- Australia? Japanese food? The colour was simple yet very striking. The blurb was told in recipe style which was good fun, but again doesn't say much about the book. Who is the character (or characters) and what kind of story will I be told? 

Nevertheless, I'm expecting laughs a minute with this book!

The 'look inside' doesn't disappoint, and I'm immediately hooked  as a character called Samantha is having a mental tussle with herself on whether to go for an audition for a 'high dance show'. I liked Samantha straight away. She's very identifiable as an ordinary young woman who isn't too confident: the girl next door. 

Samantha wins her audition and she and others are taken to Japan where they get into many scrapes, and this is where the story starts.This isn't a story of female solidarity in a foreign country, because no one really gets along with the other, which makes for brilliant comedy situations.

I thought I'd become lost with so many characters, but the author is skilful and the other characters don't take over. It's firmly Samantha's story.

Great one-liners and lots of comic moments. I predict great things for this author.

Wombat Sushi
How to make Wombat Sushi:
1. Take six Australian dancers and one singer who can’t seem to get along.
2. Add a pinch of stupidity, a dash of naïvety and loads and loads of alcohol.
3. Make sure the mixture contains absolutely no self-restraint.
4. Pour into a Japanese club and simmer for three months.
Caution: Definitely contains nuts!