Sunday, 1 September 2013

Marylu Zuk

Whose A&& Is That?

The cover
 of a large-bottomed female, struggling with her shopping hooked me before I saw the title. It was bright, nicely illustrated and resonated with me straight away. 

The title is clever and eye catching. It made me stop and laugh but I thought that, and especially the author name, could be bigger. There's a lot of white space not being made use of.

The price of this short eBook did make me wince, and I think it'd put off  some potential readers. Also, because of it's lack of length there wasn't a 'look inside' to view and again, another fail. Who'd want to buy a 56 paged book costing $5.03/£3.27 without having a look inside? But saying that, these are the types of books you see in card shops, or on the counter of books stores to tempt you as gift ideas.

The book was a short story told in rhyme. It was delightful, funny and cute. The illustrations are excellent and fun, and helped tell the story of a woman shocked by the largeness of her derrière to eventually come to terms and learned to live with it. 

The rhymes roll off the tongue and are fun even though possibly true for some of us: It's obvious I seem obsessed with the bountiful gluteus maximus of which I have been generously blessed.

Basically, it is a fun look at how women perceive themselves, and through this book we are able to laugh at ourselves.

Whose A&& Is This? is described as a gift book and I can see this cute little book being bought as birthday present or as a Christmas stocking filler, but it's a book to buy in real form. It doesn't quite work as an eBook unless you have a state-of-the-ark eReader.

*AuthorMarylu will be interviewed on WWBB 10th September. If you have any questions for her use the contact button top left of the screen and I'll put them to her.

Filled with whimsical illustrations and witty rhyme, Whose A&& Is That? encourages women to laugh at our collective selves. Author Marylu Zuk reassures us that we are indeed perfect regardless of the size or shape of our buns. Whose A&& Is That? permits every woman to relax her abs, exhale, and laugh at what we rarely see - our own backsides! This quick read is a delightful gift for your female tribe - sisters, aunts, coworkers, and friends.